Dad Dies As Wife Films Viral TikTok Trend

( – TikTok, the Chinese based social media application, remains unbanned and people continue to take up sometimes fatal “TikTok challenges.” A few years back it was the “Tide Pod Challenge” which saw several teenagers die from ingesting the toxic chemicals inside a Tide detergent pod. 

Others include the “Penny Challenge” which involved sticking electricity conducting pennies into wall outlets, and the “Skullbreaker Challenge” in which two people kick the legs out from under a third, sending him crashing to the ground. 

Now there is the “Boat Jumping Challenge” which has people jumping off boats traveling at high rates of speed. This trend is not limited to teenagers as adults and even parents have been partaking; many have been injured and some have been killed. 

Last week a wife was filming her husband attempt this ‘challenge.’ As the boat raced the man stepped off and tried to lean into the water. His  wife was left with was a recording of her husband’s death. At least four people have died this way over the last six months. In most deaths the people break their necks from the speed and force of the water and then drown. Law enforcement is frustrated and has been alerting people not to attempt this social media challenge. They caution that jumping into water at these speeds is the equivalent to jumping onto concrete. They say even if a person is wearing a life jacket  it will offer little if any protection.

Even slower-moving boats have extreme risks for those who jump into the water. A man recently jumped off the Fire Island Ferry in New York, claiming he did it as a prank but did not identify TikTok as his inspiration. He was arrested and fined $2,500. The boat’s captain was angered and warned people that although the boat isn’t moving with great speed, should pranksters jump off there are “three giant propellers” which can easily suck a person in. As the captain says “there’ll be nothing left of you, like a piece of bait.” 

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