Damning FOOTAGE Of U.S. Troops Released – Too Far?

Troops Sing Happy Birthday While Being Hit With Tear Gas in Training

Troops Sing Happy Birthday While Being Hit With Tear Gas in Training

(Daily360.com) – Navy SEAL training involves grueling mental and physical tests to prepare recruits to handle the job that lies before them. These elite military members have to meet extreme standards just to be considered for training, where they spend 10 weeks in boot camp. The demanding SEAL program begins after the initial stint.

After watching leaked footage from last year showing recruits singing “Happy Birthday” while being sprayed with tear gas, a Navy admiral decided to launch an investigation. While tear gas training is essential in the military, there are strict rules about the practice.

SEAL training states the recruit must be “at least six feet away” from the substance, and the blast cannot last longer than 15 seconds. The video went on for more than a minute.

Although the recruits could tap out at any point during the exercise, officials want to figure out if the training was within the rules. They also want to know if the instructors were “taunting and punishing” the would-be SEALs.

One of the men who failed out of the program and supplied the footage felt the trainers were “abusive and very careless” during the ordeal. Duke University Associate Professor Sven Jordt called the practice a type of “hazing.” The incident brings up a tragedy from February when Navy SEAL candidate Kyle Mullen died of pneumonia after completing Hell Week during the intense military training.

What do you think of the SEAL training and the leaked video?

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