Delta Airlines Employee Confronts An Activist

( – A video that went viral over the holidays showed a Delta Airlines employee trying as tactfully as he could to deal with a transgender activist who was making pronoun demands of Delta’s staff. The person causing the turmoil was transgender actor Tommy Dorfman, 31, who stars in the teen drama series “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix. Dorfman is a biological male who since 2021, prefers to identify as female.

What led up to the confrontation is not shown. Like many viral videos, what can be seen is a point of heated interaction after some other things had obviously occurred. The senior male Delta agent working at New York City’s LaGuardia airport was trying to assist travelers but seemed to be unable to do so because of Dorfman’s interruptions and obviousannoyance. Dorfman is heard complaining that another Delta employee addressed him as though he were a male.

The senior agent looks toward Dorfman and informs him that it was not anyone’s intention to intentionally offend him. He explains to Dorfman that should he choose to take the ‘mis-gendering’ personally then “that’s ok”. Dorfman is unsatisfied with that reply and insists the female agent “misgendered” him deliberately two times. The female employee cannot be seen but is heard off camera denying the allegation.

It’s at this point in the video that the senior desk agent informs Dorfman that his attitude is not going to be tolerated. He tells the actor that if he chooses to be “condescending” he may call for him to be escorted out of the facility. He tells Dorfman that he has the authority to remove him and if he continues to cause issues he will be removed. Dorfman is then heard saying “I’m good” and the video ends shortly thereafter.

The video was initially uploaded to Dorfman’s social media account along with a long caption that read in-part that the interaction was a “human rights violation,” but he removed the post after a few days. Dorfman also wrote that the agent did summon two Port Authority Police Officers to the desk and they spoke with him about what transpired. Delta has not made any statements other than acknowledging they are aware of the video and are investigating the matter.

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