Dem Senators Demand Action On Gaza Civilian Casualties

( – Democrat members of the United States Senate are leading a charge to have a cease fire in the Gaza region. The group being led by Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told President Joe Biden they are done “asking nicely” and want U.S. pressure exerted now toward that end.

The group is demanding that the U.S. make it known to Israel that any aid coming from the United States will only arrive if a cease fire is agreed to. Sanders said the more aggressive tone is necessary because the asking nicely and urging they have been doing has not paid any dividends for them. Sanders is demanding the U.S. use its “substantial leverage” on Israel.

Biden has asked Congress for $108 billion combined in aid for Israel, Ukraine and some other national security measures. The Democrat senators coming out against the Israeli war effort is something of a departure on Capitol Hill. Israel has long had strong support from both parties of the U.S. government.

The Senate is at odds along party lines with a group of Democrats resisting aid to Israel and a group of Republicans resisting aid to Ukraine. Critics are accusing the Democrat senators of ‘falling for’ Hamas propaganda regarding civilian casualties in the Gaza region cause by Israeli strikes. Sanders calls the conflict “Israel’s war” and says the number one priority should be civilian safety in Gaza.

Critics say a ‘cease fire’ is not something Israel should agree to as Hamas is likely to disregard it once they build up their forces. The country was in a cease fire when their attacks occurred on October 7th. Israeli officials point out they have done all they could to prevent civilian casualties. They have warned people when attacks were forthcoming and urged all civilians to leave the area. As a result of the growing opposition to open Israeli aid, the Biden administration has been pushing Israel to lessen their attacks and have on more than one occasion seen to it that Israel delay planned attacks.

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