Dems Exhausted by Trump-Hating Drama

( – Have leftists worn themselves out due to extreme Trump fatigue? That’s the question many are asking as more and more people are telling friends and posting to social media about their election and Trump fatigue. It would seem to make sense because many on the left including celebrities have spent the last eight or nine years raging about Donald Trump.

They have given into one false hope after another that the man they’ve decided is their nemesis, the man they’ve been convinced is the next “Hitler,” will be taken out of politics somehow. They hoped “Russia collusion” would do it, they put their faith in Special Counsel Robert Mueller, then they put their confidence in a lawyer named Michael Avenatti who now resides in prison. From there it was two empty impeachments and a riot they labeled an insurrection.

Trump’s departing the White House did little to mediate the obsession of Trump critics. Many on the left now believe that any one or more of the several court cases that Trump finds himself embroiled in will take him out of the political sphere. However, when looking at the polls Trump is becoming more popular with his base than ever before. wondered if Democrat voters are fatigued and feeling worn out less because of Trump but more due to the current president, Joe Biden. Is the outrage burnout they’re feeling due to the fact that Biden’s presidency is increasingly viewed by many as a complete failure? The PJmedia articles included quotes from a variety of people who claimed they just don’t have the same energy they once did to spend hating Donald Trump.

As the years have passed prominent left wing figures like actor Michael Rappaport have admitted that some of their Trump hatred was misguided and influenced by false media narratives like the “fine people hoax.” Rappaport, one of the most vocal critics of Trump for years, said during a recent podcast interview that he was angry he fell for the hoax. He also vowed that he will not vote for Biden and is open to voting for Trump. These are sentiments that would have seem impossible at any point over the last several years.

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