Dems on Alert As Trump Fundraising Efforts Surpass Biden

( Democrats are asking donors for more money after April’s fundraising efforts for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign have fallen short of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Biden’s team has been outraising Trump every month in 2024 until April, which has sparked concerns during a tight battle for the presidency. Trump raised $76 million while Biden raised $51 million. Biden’s team has downplayed the significance of the April fundraising numbers and say it is largely because of a Mar-a-Lago event with deep-pocketed donors.

However, the Biden campaign has used the latest news as encouragement to Democrats to donate so that Biden can come out ahead in November. The latest poll numbers have shown Biden behind in six out of seven critical swing states, so the news about falling behind in fundraising is a warning sign for the Democratic party. Biden defeated Trump in most of these states in 2020, which helped him win the election. Biden’s campaign and supporters have pointed to the cash on hand in which Biden outflanks Trump. Biden has $192 million in the campaign account while Trump only has $49 million.

A Trump campaign spokesperson said they were able to raise $76 million in April with the help of millions of small dollar donors. She added that the number is incredible because Trump has been tied up in court for almost nine hours every day during the last month. Trump has reportedly spent $4 million in legal expenses in March and a total of $66 million since the beginning of last year.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign team is poised to take a more aggressive approach in the aftermath of Trump’s hush money trial that could be concluded by the end of May. The Biden team is expected to say that legal cases against Trump will not prevent him from becoming the president. Biden’s campaign will encourage voters to turn out to the polls in November because that is the only way to keep Trump out of the nation’s highest office.

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