DeSantis Gives Open Invitation to Harris, Welcomes Debate

( – Vice President Kamala Harris has been taking aim at Florida and specifically its governor, Ron DeSantis. The often-parodied vice president has been targeting Florida school’s revised history curriculums. While making remarks to an audience in Jacksonville, Florida, Harris said the state is replacing “history with lies.” 

One thing she’s taken particular offense at is the idea that slaves may have used skills they were taught as a trade once freed. The vice president, who was born to an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, is also accusing Florida of “banning books.” She echoes claims some have made that removing sexually explicit books from schools is equivalent to a book ban. Harris also referenced the false ‘Don’t Say Gay’ label Democrats attached to Florida legislation which prohibited teachers from discussing adult topics with children in classrooms. 

In response to these politically charged statements, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a letter challenging Harris to debate him on the issues she raised. He’d like an opportunity to explain the curriculum changes and new laws juxtaposed to her characterizations. DeSantis said he welcomes an “open and honest dialog” about these matters. 

The Republican candidate for president noted that Harris had no issue coming to his state to make these statements, therefore it should be easy for her to return to debate him. The letter details that Harris and other members of the administration deliberately misrepresent these issues. He accuses Harris of trying to “score cheap political points.” DeSantis said Harris created a “fake narrative” to which Harris replied the curriculum is “ridiculous.”  

Harris has chosen to reject the offer and will not debate DeSantis. She was again speaking in Florida where she repeated her claims of book banning, changing history and replacing it with lies. She said no debate would change the “undeniable fact” that slavery had no “redeeming qualities.” She claimed the DeSantis offer was an “unnecessary debate” and nothing but a ploy to “distract and divide our nation.”

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