Detain and Deport Bill Passed 265 to 148

( The House of Representatives passed a bill that would deport illegal immigrants who are accused of attacking law enforcement officers.

The bill, named Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act, faced massive opposition from 148 Democratic lawmakers who seemed unmoved by the rising illegal immigration and lawlessness crisis affecting the country.

Conservative Congressman from New Jersey Jeff Van Drew introduced the bill in the lower chamber and received immediate backing from many Republicans.

According to Republican lawmakers, this bill shows massive support for uniformed officers among conservatives. 54 Democrats also crossed the partisan lines to join 211 Republicans in their effort to pass the bill. Meanwhile, six Republicans and 11 liberal lawmakers did not cast their votes.

While introducing the bill back in February, Van Drew noted that the United States has no place for illegal aliens who first enter the country without any permit and then attack our law enforcement while not contributing anything to the betterment of society.

If enacted, the bill would create a new migrants category, which would include all the illegal immigrants who assaulted police officers. It would also empower the federal government to detain such migrants and deport them back to their home countries.

House Majority Whip Tim Emmer slammed Democratic lawmakers who opposed the bill. Emmer stated that voting against this bill is a clear example of the anti-law enforcement tendencies present in the Democratic Party.

The need for such a bill increased after a rapid surge of violence by illegal immigrants against police officers. In January, a video went viral in which some illegal aliens were seen attacking two police officers in Times Square, New York.

In March, another illegal immigrant driving a truck smashed his vehicle into the parked car of a Washington State Patrol trooper, who tragically died from the impact.

The House also passed multiple other anti-crime bills during National Police Week that celebrate the importance and sacrifices of law enforcement officials.

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