Detransitioned Teen Chloe Cole Censored By Instagram

( – A young woman who “detransitioned” has been censored by Instagram. A detransitioner is a person who no longer identifies as transgender and has returned to dressing and identifying as their original gender. Chloe Cole, a 19-year-old from California, now refers to herself as “female” and with “two X chromosomes” on her social media platforms, but Instagram has censored her content, stating that it “may not follow our Recommendations Guidelines.” The guidelines generally prohibit content that promotes or endorses violence.

Cole has become a public face of the so-called “gender critical” movement of political activists who object to the current transgender trend. She is fiercely opposed to legislative moves that have allowed doctors to distribute drugs to young children intended to stop the natural progression of their bodies at puberty. The Californian has testified in several states and endorsed the introduction of laws to prevent transgender treatment for children. The left-leaning media condemned her for sharing a stage with Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene in Washington.

In February last year, the teenager hit global headlines when she filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant Kaiser Permanente. The suit claims that Cole was railroaded into physical transition before she was 18 and capable of making adult decisions. Part of her “treatment” was a double mastectomy – the complete removal of both breasts.

High-profile Republican attorney Harmeet Dhillon is representing Ms. Cole in her suit and said, “What Kaiser did, for profit, to Chloe in the name of woke ideology instead of sound medical practice, should not happen to any child in America!” Cole maintains that her “treatments” left her with “deep physical and emotional wounds.”

Similarly, 21-year-old Texan Soren Aldaco insists she has suffered “permanent disfigurement” and “profound psychological scarring” from her medical gender transition. She filed a lawsuit for $1 million against her doctors, whom she says were more concerned with “woke” ideology than health. Aldaco wants insurance companies to stop funding transgender transitions for minors.  

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