Disney Closes Star Wars Hotel Just 1 Year After Opening

(Daily360.com) – Disney is closing the “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” boutique hotel after just over one year of operation. The last bookings will be in late September and then the Starcruiser will be permanently grounded. The hotel was designed as a fully immersive Star Wars experience from arrival to departure. A guest would arrive at the very industrial looking hotel campus, be screened through security and await check in which was not permitted before 1pm. The guest would receive special wristbands and a Disney iPhone with specific apps set up to work within the hotel. The stay would be for two nights only and would come with a price tag of $4,800 for two adults and $6,000 for three adults with a child. The cost included the room, meals and admission to Hollywood Studios. The guest would encounter actors dressed and made up to look like characters from both the ‘light side’ and ‘dark side’ of the Star Wars catalog. The hotel had only 100 rooms, all of which were styled in a futuristic Star Wars fashion, including views of stars, galactic and space views. However, the rooms were quite small with minimal luxury as the focus was on the ‘realism’ of how a ‘starcruiser’ cabin would likely be proportioned and arranged. Throughout the hotel guests would find everything from drink dispensers, bars, eateries and hallways all molded in full Star Wars detail.

Guests and interested parties who are fans of the film franchise have posted throughout social media and travel sites that while they are interested or did enjoy their stays, the price was a major obstacle. Some users said they could not afford the experience and others said they could only afford it only one time. Disney calls the hotel one of their “most creative projects ever” and says they will use what they’ve learned from its run to influence future projects. The exact cost of the hotel and all its components is not available but it was part of a $2 billion spend by Disney for its two Star Wars experiences including this Florida “Starcruiser” and “Galaxy’s Edge” in California’s Disneyland.

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