Disney Dream Ends In Tragedy For A Doctor

(Daily360.com) – A New York doctor died while on a “bucket list” trip to Disney World with her husband. 42-year-old Kanokporn “Amy” Tangsuan lived her life with allergies so serious that she carried an EpiPen everywhere she went and always painstakingly let restaurant personnel know about her condition.

Her severe nut and dairy allergies were the reason Tangsuan decided to become a doctor, and her father said she wanted to know how to take care of herself and assist other people. He said his daughter loved her job and doing charity work in her spare time.

Tangsuan and her husband Jeffery Piccolo arrived at the resort on February 5 and went into the Raglan Road Irish Pub to have dinner that night. Tangsuan ordered corn fritters, onion rings, scallops and broccoli. Piccolo said Amy alerted the staff to her allergy and was assured her order would be safe for her. The couple left the restaurant and were walking around the resort when Amy collapsed due to an allergic reaction. The cause of Tangsuan’s death has been listed as “elevated levels of dairy and nut in her system” which led to anaphylaxis.

The EpiPen was administered quickly but Tangsuan died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Piccolo has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant because he blames for their service for his wife’s death. A restaurant spokesperson told reporters that they take allergy conditions very seriously and train their staff accordingly. They added that they’ve now instituted a policy that requires all staff to ask diners about any allergies prior to food being ordered. Tangsuan’s father also believes the ambulance was late to arrive and contributed to the events leading to his daughter’s death.

Tangsuan was the child of Thai immigrants and grew up in Queens, New York, prior to attending Binghamton University. She was working as a doctor on Long Island at NYU Langone Hospital. Piccolo and Tangsuan had been married for six years, were avid travelers, and had recently bought an RV with the intention to tour the country. The RV remains parked out front of their Suffolk County, Long Island home.

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