Does Putin Really Have Cancer?

( – As the war in Ukraine rages on, rumors surrounding Russian Leader Vladimir Putin continue to make rounds on the internet. For months now various intelligence agencies and whistleblowers claiming to be Russian have stated that Putin is facing an ongoing health battle, and that the Russian President may be suffering from some type of cancer. Leaked documents from Russia have indicated that Putin might have undergone chemotherapy a few months back, but these claims are unsubstantiated and would likely be propped up even if untrue in an effort to undermine Russian leadership. The aforementioned leak documents aren’t the first time that chemotherapy has been brought up in regards to Putin, as top United States intelligence officials read similar reports back in 2021, which also stated that Putin had undergone chemotherapy.

Despite these supposed leaks providing evidence that Putin’s health has been in decline in recent memory, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William Burns has stated there’s no evidence that Putin is in bad health. Burns’ statement came in July 2022, meaning that perhaps there has been some change to Putin’s health, but this remains uncertain. Regardless of Putin’s health, Russian media would never actively confirm if he was suffering from cancer or another affliction. Putin’s image is critical in maintaining his control within Russia, and any doubts as to his well being could harm his ongoing offensive in Ukraine.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has been raging for over a year now, with the city of Bakhmut falling into Russian control on May 21st, 2023. While the war is still underway, both sides have sustained massive losses, raising questions about Russia’s ability to continue the conflict for much longer. Putin’s potential declining health adds to these doubts, as if the Russian President was ailing his political system would be facing another internal challenge that could hinder its ongoing offensive. Despite the claims that Putin has been afflicted with cancer, it seems unlikely that the Russian President will withdraw from Ukraine anytime soon.
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