DOJ Leak Comes Just After Judge Raised Possibility of Loose-Lipped Feds

DOJ Leak Comes Just After Judge Raised Possibility of Loose-Lipped Feds

DOJ LEAK Couldn’t Come At A Worse Time

( – In the weeks since the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s property in Palm Beach, Florida, speculation has spread about what the agency recovered. Some of those guesses were fueled by stories about the alleged content of the paperwork found at Mar-a-Lago. A recent article comes just days after a judge raised the possibility of reputation-shattering leaks from the federal agency.

The most recent leak alleges that some of the materials seized on August 8 contained a foreign nation’s nuclear secrets. There is no way to confirm this information as the government is not publicly revealing what was found.

The story comes just a few days after US District Judge Aileen Cannon granted Trump’s request for a special master. Cannon wrote that the former president’s team had proven there was evidence to suggest the Department of Justice’s filter team might not adequately protect the information in the documents from being leaked. That could cause “irreparable injury” to Trump. The special master will be a neutral third party who will look through the material and parse out anything with potential privilege attached or personal items of no legal interest.

Footnote 11 of Cannon’s ruling also says the government claimed it’s not aware of its team leaking information but admitted there have been leaks to the press. There was no indication as to who is giving the media unauthorized information.

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