Dowd Warns America Is On The Brink Of Collapse

( – Portfolio manager Ed Dowd recently did a long form interview with Mike Adams on his “Health Ranger Report” podcast and warns of a coming dystopian America. Dowd bases his assertions on modeling based on data he’s collected and his own observations of the current state of America and the world. 

He says the United States may soon look like the post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson film series as it descends into a “slow Mad Max” type of future. Dowd points to the on-going damage being done to the working and middles class from the vaccines and the degradation of American cities. Dowd’s book “Cause Unknown” does a deep dive into the statistics and long term damage being done to society by the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. 

Dowd said he could see a future where certain parts of the country develop a warlord type system and violent gangs run things. He believes this is possible due to the already lawless nature of cities, lack of American industry, and a collapsing monetary system. He points to a city like New York City and asks what would happen in the city if food deliveries were stopped for some reason, he believes it would become total anarchy within three days. Dowd also looks to the federal government and sees a banana republic system under an incompetent Joe Biden and his administration.

He compared the federal government to another dystopian film series “The Hunger Games,” saying it’s corrupt and only serving itself by enriching its members at the expense of the citizens. He said the media will not show people the decline within the nation and many people may not realize what’s happening before it’s too late. Dowd also cited the World Health Organization and other global entities coining the term ‘poly-crisis’ which is an attempt to normalize their destruction of the global order through disease, financial collapse, climate issues and war. He believes America has a chance to survive but would likely need to be rebuilt in some fashion as the government is far too corrupt to be salvaged at this point.  

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