Dozens of Arrests Made in Cannon Rotunda

( – A group of pro-Palestinian protestors conducted a sit-in at the Cannon Rotunda and were arrest by Capitol Police on Tuesday, January 16th. The group consisted of about 150-200 Mennonite activists calling themselves Mennonite Action. After passing through the Cannon House Office Building screening process they sang in unison and began their war protest. They sang hymns and held placards reading “Free All Hostages” and “Let Gaza Live.”

The Capitol Police released a statement noting that demonstrations are not permitted in Congressional buildings and as a result multiple protestors were arrested. Prior to their arrests they were issued warnings and were asked to stop and leave the premises but they ignored the warnings.

As the officers approached the protestors they began to chant “Let Gaza Live” and “Free All Hostages.” They otherwise remained non-combative and were arrested without any physical altercations. The police used zip ties to bind their wrists and escorted them from the building.

Mennonite Action posted to their social media that 150 members of their organization were arrested in the government building. The post read that despite being arrested the group remained resolute in their purpose and “never stopped singing.” An additional post read “permanent ceasefire now” and expressed their desire to see all all hostages released, as well as an end to what they call the occupation of Palestine. As the 150 members were arrested inside the building another group of nearly 200 Mennonites remained outside the building and similarly sang hymns and chanted anti-war messages.

The left wing activist group called CodePink has been organizing and mobilizing protestors for what they are calling “congressional days of action for Palestine” from January 16-19. CodePink’s website is urging demonstrators to meet up at the Senate Hart Building on each day of protest and enter government buildings in unison and demand a ceasefire in the Gaza region.

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