Eagle-eyed Locals Expose Complex Migrant Smuggling Scheme

(Daily360.com) – Witnesses along the United States northern border are reporting a sharp increase in migrant crossings. As most everyone knows the US southern border has been so wide open that a record number of illegal aliens have crossed over into the country. The Biden administration and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been trying to downplay and obscure the thousands of people, mostly men, crossing the southern border every day but not many people have looked at the northern border.

A hunter named Chris Feely was perched in a tree near his upstate New York home awaiting a deer to enter his field of vision when he was shocked to see illegal aliens traversing the landscape. He said the men did not see him as they were focused on their cellular phones, looking at what he describes as a geo-mapped trail for them to follow. Other locals describe similar sightings. They say the migrants follow the map which eventually leads to quite roads where cars and drivers await them.

They say these events happen during off-hours when few people are present. They say it’s become so routine that locals know when they see license plates on cars from New Jersey, they are likely there to pick up aliens. Border Patrol says most migrants are crossing the northern border along what’s called the Swanton Sector that spans New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. They say they’ve had nearly 300,000 encounters in just December of 2023 alone. They report these numbers of encounters as record-setting and well organized.

Feely says he agrees with the idea that the crossings are well organized because during the prime hunting season there were zero migrants sighted. As soon as the 16-day rifle hunting season was over the migrants returned. Border Patrol in the area advised locals to carry a handgun in their bags because some of these aliens are likely to be violent felons. Border Patrol also shed light on the pick-ups which are usually done with two rental cars, they say one vehicle acts as a spotter looking for border patrol while the other car will load the aliens and take them deeper into the country.

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