Emergency Landing Forces Delta Passengers to Spend Night on Remote Canadian Base

(Daily360.com) –¬†An airliner had to make an emergency landing, forcing its more than 200 passengers to remain on a remote Canadian military base on Newfoundland for hours. On Sunday, December, 10, Delta flight 135, headed from Amsterdam to Detroit, encountered a serious problem mid-flight. The pilots became aware that a de-icing mechanism on one of the engines was malfunctioning and they would not be able to continue as scheduled.

The flight was diverted and made a safe landing on a military base located in Goose Bay, Newfoundland. Sadly, the misadventures for the passengers were only just beginning. The 270 passengers many of which were unprepared for the frigid Newfoundland cold and had packed away most of their clothes in luggage that was inaccessible to them.

Delta dispatched another airplane to pick the passengers up and continue on to Detroit. After seven hours, the airplane arrived; the passengers boarded and were made to wait onboard for another hour. Unfortunately, that delay put the flight crew outside their allotted hours to fly, meaning that crew could not fly again for a minimum of 10 to 12 hours. As a result, the passengers once again had to de-plane. Delta tried to find accommodations for them on the remote island which amounted to small rooms, snacks and basic necessities within one of the military barracks.

Passengers complained not only about being stranded but also about not getting clear information from Delta about what was going on and what they should expect. The passengers were picked up at the barracks after a few more hours and taken to their now third airplane. Eventually, after some snowy weather passed and the day had changed from Sunday to Monday, the passengers were airborne and on their way to Detroit.

In total, the stranded airline passengers spent just over 20 hours on the remote, frosty island. Delta has apologized for the inconvenience and has pledged to offer compensation to the passengers.

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