Energy Experts Fear the White House’s Next Move

( – Critics of the White House believe there is a movement underway to have Joe Biden declare a ‘climate emergency’ along the lines of the COVID-19 emergency of 2020. If he were to do so he’d be doing it to assume a broad range of power over the populace. 

Tim Stewart, the President of U.S. Oil and Gas Association, is sounding an alarm and warning that he believes the administration is leaning toward doing it. He says should Biden formally declare a ‘climate emergency’ and assume emergency powers his authority over the nation would become “vast and unchecked.” Stewart warns Biden would assume the authority to “shut down everything from communications to infrastructure.”

Stewart points out that Biden would have the power over the water and electricity people have access to and could also freeze assets for any reason the administration sees fit. The media has been sounding alarms about this July being the hottest month in recent history, and most outlets are claiming the heat may be a result of greenhouse gas caused global warming. 

The House has launched efforts to officially grant this power to Biden, Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced legislation that would require Biden to declare a ‘climate emergency.’ Blumenauer’s legislation received the support of 62 House Democrats. In addition to reporting the heat as extreme, the media is also urging the legislature to take on this power. The Guardian newspaper ran an op-ed saying “Biden must declare a climate emergency,” and they want it done now. 

Stewart reminds us that should Biden do this, it would look very much like the COVID-19 lockdowns but with more government control. The 2020 lockdowns cost many people their livelihoods as businesses went under, unemployment went up, and inflation rose. Under a climate emergency Biden could stop all crude oil imports, wipe out offshore oil and gas leases, restrict energy exports and try to expedite the administration’s ‘clean energy’ agenda. Much like during the COVID lockdowns, government censorship would probably return and be stricter than ever before for any in opposition to the measure. 

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