Fauci Confesses To Making Up Pandemic Rules

(Daily360.com) Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that the six foot social distancing rule during the pandemic was not based on science.

The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic held a two-day closed door hearing with Dr. Fauci in January and has now released the full transcribed interview. When asked about the social distancing rule, Fauci said it just “appeared.” He said it would be difficult to do any scientific studies regarding social distancing.

Dr. Fauci joined the subcommittee for another hearing on June 3 to discuss further revelations that came from NIH scientists, including his advisor Dr. David Morens. Another revelation from the hearing is that Dr. Fauci admitted there was no scientific study to support the masking of children under five years old.

NIH studies concluded negative implications of masking and social distancing rules that were prevalent during the pandemic. The masking protocol had a “very negative” effect on the literacy and learning outcomes of students. The social distancing protocols caused depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts.

Dr. Morens in his testimony before the subcommittee admitted that he attempted to bypass FOIA laws, but said he didn’t do so to cover up government business. In the June 3 hearing, Fauci denounced the actions of Morens and called him an “outlier” within the NIH. Dr. Fauci was also asked about alleged attempts to cover up the origins of the pandemic. He said he has always kept an open mind regarding the lab-leak hypothesis, but also said it is “molecularly impossible” that the research conducted by EcoHealth Alliance in Wuhan created the virus that started the worldwide pandemic.

Fauci said there has been a lot of misinformation and disinformation about his role at NIH. He denied any wrongdoing on his part for the pandemic protocols or the alleged coverup of the lab-leak origin. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene told Fauci that he belongs in prison and should have his license revoked. Fauci later said that comments like Greene’s cause people to make death threats against him.

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