Feds Investigating Evidence Of Corruption Involving Dem NY Mayor Adams

(Daily360.com) New York Mayor Eric Adams is being investigated by a grand jury for alleged ties with the Turkish government. Adams is accused of accepting improper gifts and campaign contributions from the Turkish government. One piece of evidence is that Adams received free upgrades on a Turkish airlines flight.

When Adams took office in 2021, he allegedly tried to convince the fire department to sign off on the safety of a 35-story building that belongs to the Turkish government. The fire department refused to sign off due to safety concerns despite the pressure they received from Adams. The FBI took Adams’ iPad, cell phones, and personal devices in the fall of 2023 as part of the investigation.

In one encounter with a reporter, Adams was asked about the status of the case and his thoughts on the matter. The mayor responded that he didn’t know what was going on. He said that he isn’t a lawyer and thus doesn’t know what is happening with the investigation.

On June 10, Mayor Adams held a press conference to discuss the beginning of construction on what will be the largest wind turbine factory in the United States. At the press conference reporters inquired about the grand jury and a subpoena that was served to at least one of the mayor’s associates regarding the investigation into his campaign. He called the questions a distraction to the business of running the city and denied to answer any questions about the investigation.

At the end of the conference when reporters asked questions again, he directed them to speak with his law firm WilmerHale. Adams has been criticized for using taxpayer dollars on law firms to defend him in this case as well as a sexual harassment case from 1993. Under both circumstances, Adams has a right to counsel from the city as both charges deal with his actions as an employee of New York City. So far, WilmerHale has received $730,000 in taxpayer funds to work on Adams’ defense regarding his association with the Turkish government.

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