Feinstein Heavily Dependent On Staff To Continue Functioning

(Daily360.com) – California’s 89-year old senior senator Dianne Feinstein who recently returned from a long health-related absence seems to be controlled by her staff. Feinstein was greeted by applause from her fellow Senate members upon her return and was present to vote on several Biden judicial nominees. When she spoke it appeared she read from a paper provided by an aide and went on to approve all nominees. An aide was seen kneeling beside the wheelchair-confined Feinstein whispering in her ear and hastily providing information on the nominees.

Mainstays on Capitol Hill describe this as the new normal, ever since her return she’s been surrounded by numerous staff members seeing to all her needs and helping disguise the senator’s diminished capacity. A growing number of Californians are making it known they feel Feinstein should step down and let a successor be named. They are not happy with aides explaining to an increasingly confused Feinstein where she is, why she is there and how she will vote. Whispers and gossip of an ever-more bewildered Feinstein are becoming louder and more forceful as she seems often unsure of what her role is or how the senate functions at times.

The senator’s schedule is limited for now as she re-acclimates and tries to recover from the bout of shingles and the serious complications including some facial paralysis she had a result. At first the Feinstein camp denied this was her condition, instead saying she had a “bad flu” which was not true. Capitol Police and other employees do their best to hide Feinstein from photographers, reporters and anyone looking to speak with her. Gavin Newsom the governor of California has pledged to appoint a black woman if or when Feinstein steps down. Feinstein is currently the oldest member of the senate where she’s been serving since 1992.

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