Former Convict Highlights Gun Control’s Key Flaw

( – A former felon’s viral video exposes a left-wing paradox. The man, JD Delay, promotes himself as an ex-career criminal turned recovery coach who aims to help others overcome addiction, criminality and repeated incarceration.

Delay’s one minute video asked the question: if leftists don’t want civilians to own guns and also want to defund and minimize the police, how will a citizen be able to defend his or herself should he or she encounter a violent criminal? He notes that he has learned through his life experiences that some people simply choose to do bad things. These people will not be talked out of stealing, menacing or hurting others.

Delay says should a person like this decide to rob a citizen’s home or break in to harm them, they will have no way to stop the criminal. There would be no police to call and no gun to grab, leaving a person with scant options to perhaps save their own life. Delay says he’s seen people he describes as “true evil” and people like that, he says, only understand violence. He argues that a person that operates in a violent way in most interactions will only be warded off with violence. He said they will not “hug it out” nor will you be able to “reaffirm their feelings” as a means of deterrence.

Delay claimed criminals can tell which homes likely have guns in them and which likely do not, and will almost exclusively target those that do not. Delay said that when confronted with this paradox first-hand, these leftist-inclined people will wish they weren’t anti-police as they’ll have no one to turn to.

As the Biden administration’s open-border policy remains in place, violent criminals are let out in cashless bail cities and crime statistics continue to rise, more Americans than ever are purchasing firearms. Although traditionally blue states keep instituting obstacles to deter citizens from owning weapons, the people are nonetheless persisting. The Biden administration also permits illegal aliens to buy firearms which many American citizens see and not only dangerous but also hypocritical.

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