Frustrated Parents Critique NYC Christmas Village Experience

( – New York City residents have been complaining about the deteriorating quality of life in the city for some time now and it seems they can’t even escape that feeling at Disney’s “The Santa Clauses’ Winter Wonderland.” Multiple people who went to what is being billed as “the most magical” city attraction of the Christmas season were left disappointed and some even left physically injured.

Social media posts from attendees and parents of children who were excited to partake in a fun holiday experience were instead talking about a skinny Santa, bad hot chocolate, slide-related injuries and a “tiny” ice rink. 30-year-old Kamilla Cohen described the experience as a “sh*t show” after spending $60 on two VIP tickets for her children. The VIP ticket guaranteed a fast pass entrance, hot chocolate, skate rentals, and “North Pole” admission. Regular tickets are priced at $15 and free for children four and under.

Cohen said that both she and her husband felt back pain after going down the slide once each. They said their usually slide-loving daughter, for the first time in memory, did not want to go down more than one time. Kamilla said she’s likely to visit the chiropractor after the misadventure. She said she also believes she heard another child being injured on the slide and wailing in pain. Cohen said she was later told someone saw an exposed bone from that child’s post-slide collision. He was taken from the venue by ambulance after security arrived.

Another parent posted that her daughter sprained her ankles and other children who were there at the same time likewise said they were in pain after riding the slide. She ended her post by warning parents not to allow their kids to go down the slide.

Many parents were also disappointed that despite carrying the Disney name there were no Disney characters or anything Disney-related at the site. Cohen said she expected to see characters from “Frozen” or something Disney related. The Google reviews show plenty of one-star reviews and a wide array of gripes and disappointed patrons.

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