Girl Scouts Issues New Badge For Pride Activism

( – As the world of never-ending ‘woke’ agendas leads the populace to a feeling of exhaustion, the Girl Scouts have more to foist upon the children. Yes, girls can now collect the “LGBTQ+ Pride Month Fun Patch.” They can do so by finding a Pride celebration of some kind to attend, they can study LGBTQ history, create art or celebrate LGBTQ “leaders.” There are twenty ways to attain this “fun patch.” The organization recommends reading a book that features LGBTQ characters or memorizing and reciting a poem written by someone identified as LGBTQ. If a girl’s inclinations are more artistic she can create rainbow flags or she can draw a map of the United States that features no less than six landmarks identified as historic for LGBTQ members and be prepared to read about why each is significant. If six is too many and drawing a map isn’t her desire then the badge can be had by researching the 1969 Stonewall riot in New York City and writing her own poem about it. 

The organization says this badge program is designed for girls at all levels to honor the LGBTQ community, celebrate them and honor their ‘many contributions’ to the country. There’s more, the Girl Scouts also provide a glossary for the youth to familiarize themselves with LGBTQ terms like “queer” and “transgender” among others.

The Girl Scouts are following a trend of LGBTQ events and propaganda aimed at children. Many local libraries have take to hosting “drag queen story hour” type events featuring men dressed as extreme female caricatures and reading stories to children. Some states like Florida have introduced laws to keep these kinds of events as ‘adult only’ but activists call this discrimination and are fighting it. Celebrities like Taylor Swift have been making public statements admonishing laws restricting LGBTQ events aimed at children.  

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