Government Run BBC Says Climate Change Is Too Big for Citizens To Have a Say

( – “Ultra-low-carbon-lifestyles” is the term the British government is using to describe the future it has decided its citizens should live. The BBC series “Future World” rolled out a piece that people could view as hopeful on the one hand or dystopian on the other. They say that the average citizen must cut down their ‘carbon footprint’ by roughly 75%.

What that would look like is a very different lifestyle than most people enjoy now. They roll out arbitrary statistics like people emit 16-17 tonnes of CO2e per year. Most citizens likely don’t even know what that means and certainly wouldn’t know how it correlates to the climate. Yet when surveyed roughly 72% claim to be concerned on some level and want to participate in climate initiatives.  

Do these people understand that would mean drastically limited movement? The powers that be would have people use a combination of electric public transportation walking, bicycling and ‘micro-mobility systems’ like little scooters and drones. Citizens would be limited only to certain areas of movement or risk a fine. People would be mandated to shop locally on neighborhood streets accessible only by walking or biking. Housing would get smaller and be mandated to ‘green energy’ power only.

Carbon credits would be allotted per each home, residents would be forced to maintain the smallest of heating or air conditioning during harsh seasonal weather. Food will be made mostly plant-based as the government has decided meat is not carbon friendly. Work life will be overhauled as well, less hours, more work from home and more people being made to work for the new ‘green economy.’ 

It’s Western nations participating in these initiatives. China, India and other industrial ‘polluters’ have made neither pledges now nor future promises they ever will. This is not deterring Western governments for mandating changes for its people. China outputs more CO2 by a large magnitude than any other nation, several times that of Canada, yet it is Canada forcing its people into heating and wood burning mandates despite its frigid temperatures not China.     

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