Governor Noem Accused of Exploiting Border Crisis

( – Republican South Dakota governor Kristi Noem is being deeply criticized by the leader of a local Native tribe. Frank Star of the Oglala Sioux tribe penned a letter accusing the governor of trying to curry favor with Donald Trump over the open U.S. southern border. Star is accusing Noem of using her position to become a leading outspoken advocate against the open border policies of the Biden administration in order to “increase her chances” of being Donald Trump’s running mate.

Trump is assumed by most to be well on his way to capturing the GOP nomination despite ongoing litigation and a small challenge by former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley. Star says his people have allegiance with “Indian people” crossing the border from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Star took issue with Noem’s use of the word “invasion” for what’s happening at the border and denied the illegal alien border crossers are a “crisis” of any kind.

Despite these statements Star says his tribe is neither Democrat nor Republican and he is doing this to protect the safety of the “Oyate” people, Oyate is a word that refers specifically to his Native people. In his letter Star also told Noem that their tribe has been on that land since before North Dakota bore its name and since she is not of their tribe, she may not enter their lands.

Noem responded by calling Star’s letter “unfortunate” and accused him of playing politics despite his denial. She said the federal government’s blatant refusal to enforce federal laws at the border is the real issue. She says despite Star’s letter she remains focused on working with state government officials and local authorities to do all she can to help stem the flow of aliens entering the United States.

The Oglala inhabit part of South Dakota’s Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation which spans more than 2.1 million acres. The Biden border policies have led to more than 10 million illegal aliens entering the country during his term. They join the tens of millions that have already been residing within the nation.

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