Grandpa Fatally Shot After Parking Lot Apology

( – A 59-year-old grandfather was senselessly shot and killed in a California parking lot after a very minor car mishap. John Mauk was looking for a parking spot in the parking lot of a Walmart located in Highland, California, just before he was murdered. Witnesses say and security footage shows that Mauk had a small fender bender at around 8pm on Monday, February 5th. Mauk gently hit another car as it pulled out from its space and he was backing up to another open spot. Witnesses agree that Mauk got out of his vehicle and immediately apologized to the other driver because he felt the incident was his fault.

The other driver has been identified as 37-year-old Shawntece Marie Norton. Police Captain Nelson Carrington, said Mauk was trying to apologize when Norton began shouting at him, after which she retrieved a gun from her vehicle and allegedly shot Mauk point blank in the face. After the incident Norton fled the scene and Mauk died in the parking lot.

John Mauk’s son, Matthew, said after he retrieved his father’s car, he could see nothing more than a small scratch on his bumper. All accounts of this accident and evidence seem to indicate it was extremely minor. Norton was arrested the following day at a nearby apartment complex and an unregistered firearm was also recovered. She is currently being held at a local jail without bail.

Family and friends describe John Mauk as a kind man who loved being a grandfather. They say classic cars were his passion and worked with them at Carey’s Fine Automobiles. His family has vowed to attend every court date and anything else related to getting justice for John. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them pay for future expenses related to John’s death. It has so far exceeded its $15,000 goal and is approaching $20,000.

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