Haley Pins Hopes On Trump’s Legal Troubles

(Daily360.com) – Despite underwhelming support among the GOP voting base, presidential candidate Nikki Haley has vowed to continue forward. Many are speculating the Haley’s strategy is banking on the current lawfare being waged against Trump as a path that could lead her to power. Haley finished very far behind Trump in overall third place during the Iowa caucus and followed that up with a distant second place finish in the New Hampshire primary despite being the only other candidate in the race. The large majority of her New Hampshire votes came from non-Republicans who legally used the open primary system as a means to vote against Trump.

Haley has not been shy about touting Trump’s legal issues as her path to the presidency. She says she will stay in the race through the South Carolina primary on February 24th and then on through Super Tuesday on March 5th. The former South Carolina governor is polling far behind Trump in her home state and a large loss there would seem to be embarrassment a politician would prefer to avoid. Adding to the Palmetto State poll deficits, Trump has gathered a great majority of key South Carolina political endorsements. Trump has the endorsements of the state’s governor and both senators, one of whom is Tim Scott, who Haley appointed to his seat.

Haley recently appeared on several political television programs and defended the E. Jean Carroll defamation verdict against Trump. Haley said she believes in juries and if they decided Trump was guilty to the tune of $83 million then it’s a just decision. Critics of Haley have been pointing out that staunchly anti-Trump Democrat donor Reid Hoffman funded the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit and has given large sums of money to Haley’s campaign as well.

Political commentators note that Haley has no real chance of prying Trump supporters away from the 45th president. Haley’s campaign has begun targeting Trump by using many of what are considered the left-wing talking points about Trump. She cites the Carroll verdict, Trump’s age, and pairs him with Biden by saying “America can do better” by choosing her.

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