Health PATTERN Spotted In Men – Researchers Are Worried!

Concerning Pattern Found in Sperm Count Among Men

Concerning Pattern Found in Sperm Count Among Men

( – In 2017, scientists posted an academic study about sperm counts called the “Human Reproductive Update.” The researchers tracked counts between 1973 and 2011, finding a 1.4% average decline per year among Western men and an overall decline for the 38-year period of about 52.4%. Across the world, the average decline over the period was between 50% and 60%. And an updated version of the study shows the numbers are not improving.

On November 16, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem posted the results of sperm research headed up by Professor Hagai Levine from the college, Professor Shanna Swan from the Icahn School of Medicine, and other professionals. The group collected data from 53 countries across the world, spanning from 2011, where the study had left off, to 2018.

The scientists reported a “significant decline in total sperm counts” in a few continents and an over 50% decline overall in the “past 46 years.” Levine called the findings a “serious problem.”

Researchers don’t know why sperm count is continuing to decline, but some blame pollution. Others point the finger at bad social habits and obesity. No matter the reason, the decline is linked to lower fertility, which could mean fewer children born in the world.

Male health expert and Professor at the University of Edinburgh, Richard Sharpe, said the issue goes beyond couples who are trying to conceive. Without a new crop of young folks, the world will have fewer workers and support to take over as humans continue to age out. Levine believes it’s a warning that something is wrong in the world, and people need to fix the problem before it’s too late.

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