Hern Says What Everyone is Thinking: Only Red States Protect the Border

(Daily360.com) – Representative Kevin Hern of Oklahoma went on record recently chastising blue states and giving appreciation for red states for how each are responding to the current border crises in the United States. Hern appeared on the Newsmax show “Sunday Agenda” where he discussed his state’s allocation of National Guard troops to help along Texas’ southern border. Hern echoed the sentiments many have offered recently that every state is now a “border state.” 

Hern juxtaposes the illegal alien overflow crippling blue cities since Joe Biden became President with how states like Arizona, Texas and California have been dealing with that issue for a number of years. Hern laid the blame at the feet of Joe Biden saying the President is doing a “terrible job.”

Hern says he was the first to call for the resignation of Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, last year and has now pivoted to saying the House should move to impeach the Secretary. The representative compared the relatively low number of illegal aliens entering while Trump was President versus the “complete invasion” we’re contending with under Biden. He calls the number of illegals burdening major U.S. cities “a travesty.” 

Beyond the executive branch Hern also points to the Senate as being a big part of the problem. He brought up the House passed HR-2 legislation which among other things would see the border wall completed. He says the Senate has “yet to do anything” with the bill.  

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who was a champion of his own city’s sanctuary status for illegal aliens, is now trying to pivot without alienating his partisan supporters. Adams has also been active at the Texas border but not by sending any troops; he’s been sending people to post flyers asking illegal aliens not to come to NYC. The flyers, which have been called “No Vacancy” notices, ask illegal aliens not to come to an overly-full NYC. They don’t ask them not to illegally enter the country but instead urge them to pick other locations to migrate into. 

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