Homeless Attacker Sentenced for Pushing Child Into Train Tracks

(Daily360.com) – Late in 2022 a frightening viral video came out of the Portland, Oregon area showing a woman pushing a child onto train tracks. The woman, 33-year-old, Brianna Lace Workman, was sitting on a subway bench when she suddenly stood up and pushed three-year-old Zoe Rodriguez who was standing next to her mother face first onto the tracks below.

Immediately after the child landed on the tracks her mother, Catalina, looks back to Brianna while a couple of men move toward the child. One of the men wearing a construction-style safety vest pulls Zoe off the tacks and returns her to her mother. Thanks to the Samaritans and good luck little Zoe was left with only a small red mark on her face and a temporary headache.

Workman, who has been homeless for the better part of the last decade was sentenced this week and received up to 10 years in a psychiatric facility. Workman was initially found competent to stand trial by Judge Nan Waller but later the judge decided that Workman’s schizoaffective disorder made her unable to understand what she’d done or the details of her trial.

According to the District Attorney’s office of Multnomah County, Workman was convicted of assault, attempted assault, disorderly conduct, interfering with public transportation and recklessly endangering another person. She can be held at the state’s psychiatric hospital for up to 10 years if necessary but may be released at any time if the doctors determine that she’s no longer a threat to herself or others. Many of Portland’s citizens have been criticizing the mayor and other officials for the sharply rising levels of crime and have pointed to this case among others. Julian Samuels, the prosecutor in the case, spoke out and said he found this case “frightening” but tried to assure the public that people are both held accountable for their crimes and also receive the care they need to prevent future criminal activity.

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