Hospital Chief Admits Gaza Sheltered Hamas Terrorists

( – A former high-ranking Hamas official says the frequent rumors that Hamas uses hospitals as military cover is indeed true. Ahmad Kahlot, who held a rank equivalent to brigadier general with Hamas, is also the director of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern section of Gaza. Kahlot joined Hamas in 2010 and recently told Israeli forces that the group has a sophisticated way of using hospitals for military cover.

He said the terror organization sees the hospital as a “safe place” from which to stage military operations and take cover. He says the strategy is an effective one because they know that a hospital will not be made into a military target. Kahlot told the Israelis that, like himself, there at least 16 other members of hospital staff that are also members of Hamas. Among these staffers are doctors, nurses, clerks, paramedics and other personnel.

He said that once the hospital was turned into a military hub it was used to house at least 100 high-ranking terrorists. He says among those housed in the hospital were high-ranking civilian and military officials. They were furnished with rooms inside the hospital and would often stay for more than a week at a time before leaving the hospital to take part in military offensives.

Kahlot claimed that within the hospital were areas for interrogations and security rooms with separate telephone hookups. Additionally, Hamas would use specially marked and equipped ambulances for specific military purposes. He says it was these ambulances that were used to transport Israeli hostages after the October 7th attacks.

According to Kahlot, the ambulances did not have license plates, and beyond transporting hostages, they had numerous other functions within Hamas. He said he does not know what other purposes they served but reported seeing them come and go from the hospital regularly without patients. He called those operating the ambulances “cowards” for not helping injured residents of Gaza reach any of the area hospitals during the current conflict. Israeli forces entered the Kamal Adwan Hospital on December 12th and captured Kahlot among 90 other people they believe to be Hamas assets.

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