Hunter Biden Contemplates Leaving The U.S.

( – As the fallout surrounding Hunter Biden continues to mount, the first son says he may leave the United States altogether. The 53-year-old has attempted to position himself as the victim in his recent tax situation. Hunter was subpoenaed to appear before members of the House committee investigating the financial dealings of Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden arrived in D.C. but did not sit for questioning; instead he held a small press conference on the Senate side of the building. He blasted House Republicans and what he calls “MAGA right” for targeting him. Hunter said he and his family are the real victims in this situation. He accused House members of trying to “dehumanize” him as a means to get to his father, and said they were trying to capitalize on his decades of addiction in order to impeach Joe Biden. The “artist” even went so far as to say that Republicans are so intent on getting him they may be willing to kill him in order to shatter his father. Because of this, Hunter Biden said, he may have to leave the country should Trump recapture the White House in 2024.

Members of the House GOP responded by saying Hunter’s allegations were untrue and their questioning revolves around the large sums of money and gifts Hunter received from foreign entities. They said they’d like to know what services he received these payments for and why so much of the money was funneled to his father and other family members through numerous shell companies.

GOP leaders said that for Hunter to ignore a legal subpoena to sit for aa deposition and insist he be questioned in a public forum is ridiculous. They said it’s not up to him to set the parameters of the interview. Hunter made his statements, demanded transparency, and quickly walked away without taking any questions from the press.

Hunter Biden was flanked by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who, it now appears, was instrumental in arranging this presser. There has been speculation that Swalwell may have been acting in an improper manner by assisting a witness with evading testimony for the body he represents. Swalwell may have also picked the location of the press conference, keeping Hunter at a safe distance from the Congressional sergeant at arms who could have arrested Hunter for defying the subpoena.

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