Hunter Biden Paintings To Be Shown at Top NYC Art Show

( – President Joe Biden’s notorious son Hunter Biden is known for many things, most of which would not be termed “high society” but that may be changing as he continues to be elevated as an artist. Hunter made headlines when he sold his first paintings ranging in price from $75,000 to $500,000 back in 2021. The buyer’s identities were all kept strictly confidential causing critics to wonder if perhaps money was being spent to buy political influence more than art. A charge, a former felon named Georges Berges’ agency dismisses. They say Hunter’s rates are based on demand and “intrinsic value.” They also claim it’s common practice to keep buyers’ identities anonymous.

Biden’s art is also unique in that he has been known to not use a brush but rather blow ink out through a straw onto Japanese Yupo paper. Berges says he has been inundated with calls for Hunter’s work since word got out of his painting. Coming this week for Hunter Biden at the Georges Berges Gallery in Soho will be the “Bridging the Abstract” group exhibition. Biden will be featured with abstract painters known throughout the art world. Hunter will be on the premises for the opening. He seems unfazed by the ongoing probe by Jim Comer’s (R-KY) House Oversight Committee investigation into the Biden family businesses and by what means they generate money. Moreover, the very Georges Berges who is holding this exhibition has been called before the committee to answer questions about who is buying Hunter’s work. Berges’ lawyer responded to the committee stating they may not ask about the buyers as it would violate a White House rules package set up in 2021 specifically to shield Hunter Biden’s art sales.

During a 2021 press briefing, then Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, was asked about this rules package and if it was put in to protect Hunter Biden. She responded by saying a “system was established” to allow for Hunter Biden to pursue his art career with “reasonable safeguards.”

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