Iran Warns of Decisive Response to Potential US Strikes

( – The tensions between the United States and Iran are rising by the day and Iranian representatives say they are ready to fight if they need to. Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, Amir Saeid Iravani, said his country would “decisively respond” to any strikes from the United States. He made these statements in response to ones made by American officials following the Tower 22 drone strike that killed three American service-people and injured many others last weekend.

The comments from Iravani are similar to those made by General Hossein Salami, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commander, who said Tehran stands ready to go to war with America and its allies if provoked. Salami said any threats made by Americans will not be easily dismissed and while there is no war right now they have “no fear of war.”

Joe Biden has not said what the U.S. response to the drone killings will be but did say he’s made up his mind on what he will do. The only specific of any kind he gave was that he will not start a war with Iran but when assessing the Iranian statements he may provoke one with any military action.

A direct conflict with Iran is not the only entanglement the U.S. has with the nation as Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are continuing to attack vessels on the Red Sea. On January 30th the rebels launched missiles at an American destroyer patrolling the waters. The ship was able to shoot the missiles down prior to striking but it is evidence of escalating aggression from the rebels. The Houthis claimed responsibility and “victory” for that launch. They claim it represents a success for the “oppressed” Palestinian people.

The Houthis like the Iranians who finance them say they have no fear of American forces and would be ready at a moment’s notice to fight them. They say they are prepared for “a long-term confrontation” with what they call tyrannical forces. Neither the Red Sea attacks nor the Iranian aggression show any signs of slowing soon.

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