Iranian President Dies After Fatal Helicopter Crash

( Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash on the morning of May 20. The crash occurred while the flight traveled through rainy and foggy conditions in a rural mountainous area. The Iranian minister of foreign affairs also died in the crash as well as others onboard. An emergency meeting was convened shortly after news of Raisi’s death surfaced.

There is no evidence that the helicopter was intentionally crashed or brought down by enemies. Despite that, Mohammad Javad Zarif has placed the blame of the crash on U.S. aviation sanctions. In an interview, Zarif said the United States is responsible for the crash because they have placed “cruel” sanctions on Iran. The sanctions have restricted access to quality aviation parts, which Zarif believes is the primary cause of the crash that killed the Iranian president. Zarif added that this will be added to a list of crimes the U.S. has perpetrated against Iran.

There is no way to know for sure the cause of the crash, but there are several possibilities that contributed to the downfall of the helicopter. Helicopters are more dangerous than airplanes according to the data and this aircraft was old. The poor weather and aviation sanctions against Iran are also potential factors. When a country’s leader is killed, there is always a possibility of intentional sabotage, although there is no evidence of malice in this crash.

Mohammad Mokhber, the vice president, has been instated as the temporary president while an election has been scheduled for June 28. Interested candidates can register between May 30 and June 3 to run for president. Registered candidates will campaign for just over two weeks from June 12 to June 27.

According to political experts, the election will probably be poorly organized with such a short time window for registration and campaigning. Iran held an election in March that received the lowest turnout since 1979 for any Iranian election.

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