Israeli PM Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian State in Postwar Plans

( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he will not compromise and agree to establish a Palestinian state. The remarks come as the Israeli leader has been getting pressure from both Middle Eastern and Western nations to come to a cease-fire agreement and to agree to the establishment of an official Palestinian state. Netanyahu said that is unacceptable and sometimes one must “say no to their friends.”

The United States has called for Netanyahu to scale back Israel’s military operations and establish diplomatic relations with Palestinian leaders as the “day after” approaches. This indicates the U.S. believes that when the war ends there will likely be a Palestinian state. Netanyahu rejects this premise and said his nation will continue attacking their enemy until they have achieved a “decisive victory over Hamas.” He said he made his position on this matter very clear to American authorities.

The war between Israel and the Hamas forces in the Gaza region has been ongoing since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, 2023 killing over one thousand and taking several hundred people hostage. Netanyahu said that any “day after” solution must include Israel having complete security control over all territory to the west of Jordan. He expressed that if other nations have an issue with that, he is unconcerned with those objections.

The war has been going for more than 100 days and some reports from the region say the Israeli forces have killed just under 25,000 people living in Gaza. Prior to the war about 2.3 million people lived in the region but upwards of 85% fled once fighting broke out.

Opponents of Israel say the nation has been killing civilians in large numbers and should be held to account by a global body such as the United Nations. Israel denies committing any war crimes but instead alleges that Hamas uses civilians as cover for their military operations, thus putting them in harm’s way.

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