J6 Juror Tells Reporter His Mind Was Pretty Much Made Up Pre-Trial

(Daily360.com) – A slew January 6th trials for a group of men belonging to a club called the “Proud Boys” delivered verdicts last week. They were given stiff sentences for convictions on multiple offenses including ‘seditious conspiracy’ and could face multiple decades in prison.

For charges of this magnitude people would like to believe the juries weighed and measured all the evidence closely for each defendant before issuing the verdicts. As all the men were convicted on most all of the charges, it would seem the juries must have deliberated long and had explicit reasoning for its verdicts.

Although, this is how the system was designed, it may not be how it is functioning. The jurors took less than a week to come back with the verdicts. One juror was interviewed by Vice Media and had some interesting things to say. The male 63 year old juror is a long time Washington DC resident named Andre Mundell.

Mr. Mundell said on the first thing they did while deliberating was selected a foreperson and the second thing they did was discuss their “impressions of the evidence.” He said by just the second day they’d all agreed on the seditious conspiracy guilty verdicts. He justified this belief by saying they believed the defendants were trying to interfere with the government by use of force. He also said the jurors made inferences about evidence that didn’t exist to further this belief.

Mundell said the position of the jury was that the government could not provide communications between the men because they men communicated “in secret” and this alleged secrecy proves the conspiracy. This would appear to be the kind of circular reasoning a jury should not partake in. Mundell also says the non-presence of texts from the defendants to each other saying to ‘stand down’ is also proof of conspiracy. 

Other members of the jury were open left wing activist supporters as one had Black Lives Matter (BLM) signage in their property. The foreman admitted to BLM support and still another said they had to make “damn sure” another “insurrection” could not occur. 

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