Jen Psaki Shares Morbid Suggestion as to Why Republicans Are Backing Trump

( Jen Psaki, the former Biden administration press secretary and current MSNBC personality, said that Republicans are supporting Donald Trump because they want to be “close to power.” She suggested the possibility that Trump will go to jail or die while he is in office, which would pave the way for other administration officials to move up the political ladder.

In the same discussion, Psaki praised Republican Geoff Duncan for supporting Joe Biden despite his own political affiliation with the Republican Party. Psaki said there should be more people in politics like Duncan. She said individuals that are vying to be Trump’s running mate in 2024 are embarrassing, referring specifically to Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Psaki also mentioned Senator Mitch McConnell and Trump administration AG Bill Barr as individuals, who were once critical of Trump, that are bowing to the mob. She said Barr and McConnell are only supporting Trump out of fear.

Psaki, in an interview on The View, suggested that Biden’s campaign needs to keep working hard in order to win the election. She also suggested that the president should make an appearance on the View as part of his outreach and campaign strategy.

Psaki said that Biden’s biggest obstacle in the 2024 presidential race is being able to discuss the primary political issues that would convince voters to choose him over Trump. She said the criminal trials and convictions against Trump are distracting from the important substantive issues. Under normal circumstances, the media coverage of the election would focus on what the candidates are saying about each other, but the Trump criminal cases are the subject of the conversation.

She also said Biden needs to focus less on his accomplishments and more on the reasons why he is a better option for president than Trump. Psaki is doing a series of interviews as she is promoting her new book that discusses her work within the Obama and Biden administrations.

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