Jen Psaki Suggests Fox News Traumatizes Employees

( Former Joe Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in an interview that working at Fox News must be a traumatizing experience. Psaki said she is frequently asked how much she hates Peter Doocy, a journalist for Fox News; she replied that she doesn’t hate him at all and implied that she feels sorry for the traumatizing experience he must be going through to be employed by Fox News.

During Psaki’s time as Biden’s press secretary, she clashed with Doocy in response to contentious questions asked by the reporter. Psaki previously stated that Fox News feeds questions to Doocy that make him sound like a “stupid son of a b—-.” She clarified at the time that she doesn’t think that is representative of Doocy specifically, but said Fox News would make anybody sound stupid with the questions they feed their reporters.

A spokesperson for Fox News followed up on Psaki’s statement at the time to say that the network does not provide questions to its reporters. The spokesperson said Doocy comes up with his own questions and the network is very proud of the work he does. John Roberts, a Fox News anchor, also defended Doocy following Psaki’s comments. Roberts said Doocy is a good journalist because he makes sure to ask difficult questions that keep the White House secretaries on their toes.

Doocy responded to Psaki’s comments in a segment on Fox News. He said he had a really good relationship with Psaki and is happy that she didn’t hate him. Doocy said that while he always tries to be nice, it is part of the job to fight for the information the public needs to hear. Meanwhile, he said Psaki’s job was to fight on behalf of the president. Doocy said Psaki did a very good job doing her job and it was fun to battle with her in the briefing room.

Psaki said she often disagreed with the types of questions Doocy asked, but they maintained a professional relationship.

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