Jewelry Store Robber Shot, Released by Police

( – An alleged thief performing a “smash and grab” robbery in Chicago, Illinois was shot in the act, hospitalized, arrested and released, all within 24 hours. The incident was captured by the store’s security camera. Around 11 a.m. on February 24th the suspected thief was looking at display cases in the jewelry store when he approaches the case nearest the exit and begins to violently hit the case.

After he forcefully strikes the case several times one of the three visible store workers draws a concealed pistol and fires at the man. After being wounded, the man exits the door and attempts escape. None of the employees purse him. Video from outside the store shows the suspect exit the store, fall down, go back inside the doorway of the store to retrieve something and then run quickly down the sidewalk and up the elevated train stairs.

Chicago police located the alleged robber and took him to a nearby hospital where he was reported to be in stable condition with a gunshot wound. Police also arrested the employee who shot the man. He was held for roughly 24 hours before his release. Currently, both the alleged thief and the store employee were released without charges.

However, one or both of the men may still be charged in relation to this incident. The employee, despite having a legal concealed carry permit may be in danger of charges if prosecutors determine that the man was attempting to steal merchandise rather than rob the store. The legal distinction is not entirely clear from reports, but it appears to mean that those with a gun may shoot suspects who are attempting to burglarize the store or rob its employees, but not if the suspect is shoplifting. Legal experts say that this distinction may not apply in this case due to the large number of store employees who have been assaulted and killed recently in similar situations. However, Cook County is known to be a liberal place and it would not surprise locals to see the would-be thief go free while the armed would-be victim is charged.

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