Jimmy Kimmel Throws Down Gauntlet to Rodgers

(Daily360.com) – The public war of words and insult trading between late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to escalate into its second week. The battle was set off during Rodgers’ weekly spot on ESPN’s “Pat McAfee Show” when the topic of the potential release of Jeffrey Epstein’s client list was brought up. Rodgers jokingly referenced that Kimmel would not like to see it released.

Later that night, Kimmel sent off an insulting tweet toward Rodgers and threatened legal action. Kimmel’s threat centered on his belief that Rodgers was insinuating he may be a pedophile or similar, which Kimmel vehemently denied. McAfee later interjected his opinion that Rodgers was ‘trash talking’ to which Kimmel responded that any such insinuation is beyond trash talk.

When Kimmel returned to his television show on Monday January 8th, he opened his monologue with an insult to Rodgers and continued insulting him for seven sminutes. He belittled Rodger’s intelligence, mocked his schooling, and called him a conspiracy theorist along, with a host of other smears. Rodgers was asked about the monologue and told reporters he would address it on Tuesday January, 9th’s McAfee show.

Rodgers did exactly that while appearing on the show. He began by repeating what he actually said that triggered the battle and claimed that he did not insinuate that Kimmel was a pedophile or was even on Epstein’s island. Rodgers said he was referencing past insults that Kimmel had aimed at Rodgers. The four-time-MVP quarterback said the former “Man Show” host mocked him in the past for wanting the Epstein list to be made public. Kimmel has frequently insulted Rodgers over the years, especially for his personal anti-Covid vaccine position. Rodgers said he’d taken the insults in stride and just shot back that, based on Kimmel’s prior statements, Kimmel would not like the list released.

Rodgers wrapped up his comments by telling McAfee that Kimmel is free to continue insulting him if he so chooses. He then mocked Kimmel’s education and reliance on a writing staff.

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