Jon Stewart Criticizes Biden’s Memory Lapses

( – Comedian Jon Stewart returned as host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on February 12 and picked up where he left off nine years ago. Stewart tweeted in late January that he would be returning to the once-popular show as its full-time host. Stewart immediately went off on a rant about Joe Biden’s age and gaffes but then included Donald Trump in his narrative and mocked both of them about their respective ages.

The 61-year-old Stewart insulted the 77-year-old-Trump and 81-year-old Biden as being diminished and not up to performing the duties of the president. Doing much of the same shtick as he did during his prior run as host, Stewart leaned into the camera acted exasperated and shouted things like “what the f— are we doing” regarding the age of the candidates. Stewart began by talking about Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report detailing Biden as unable to remember basic information including when he served as vice president.

However, the notoriously left-leaning comedian then included a deposition of Trump where he said he didn’t recall information. Stewart did so as a means of implying they are both dealing with memory deterioration. The sexagenarian comedian remarked that being deposed seems to cause “early onset dementia.” Stewart then mocked Biden’s ill-fated evening press conference by saying while trying to prove he hasn’t lost a step, Biden went back three or four steps. But then Stewart quickly pivoted to Trump and again tried to group them together by saying Trump’s rally speeches should require a “wellness check.”

The 20-minute rant also included insulting the men for being the oldest candidates to run for the presidency in U.S. history. He said their aging bodies and minds prove neither man to be “vibrant, productive or even capable.” Stewart who left the Daily Show in 2015 to pursue other projects used his return to the show to ask what proof there is that Biden is not in decline, and then wrapped up by listing the indictments the government is pursuing against Donald Trump.

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