Kamala Campaigning Desperately In Attempt To Win Back Key Group

(Daily360.com) Vice President Kamala Harris is embarking on a ‘Nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour’ in which she will speak with black business owners about President Biden’s economic policies. The tour will take place in swing states in an attempt to change the minds of black voters that are considering voting for Trump in November’s election.

Recent polls suggest as much as 30 percent of black voters are likely to vote for Trump in November. Another poll shows 76% support for Biden from black voters, which is a drop from the 87% of black voters that voted for Biden in 2020. Georgia is a swing state that went to Biden by a narrow margin of 12,000 votes, and the drop in support from black voters could cause Georgia’s electoral votes to move over to Trump’s side in 2024.

Harris said in an interview that she doesn’t believe the Biden campaign has a problem with support from black voters. She is hosting dinners with black men that are successful in business and politics, which she calls “extraordinary gentlemen.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign strategy includes messaging to turn black voters against the Biden-Harris ticket. Black Republicans have pointed to the time Joe Biden said that a voter is not black if they have trouble deciding between him and Trump.

A campaign ad for Trump shows a woman making phone calls on behalf of the Biden campaign. A man answers and said he voted for Biden in the last election. After the woman shows excitement for the man’s previous support, he starts to complain about his inability to pay bills and that tax dollars that are supporting immigrants. The ad closes with the man saying things were better before Biden took office and that he will be voting for Trump in 2024.

Democrats have also raised concerns that black voters may be swayed to vote for Trump if Senator Tim Scott is chosen as the Vice President on the Republican ticket.

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