Kamala Harris Campaign Highlights Concerns Over Democratic Bench

(Daily360.com) – As Vice President Kamala Harris hits the 2024 campaign trail, many are wondering who will be able to drum up enthusiasm and support for this largely unpopular administration. Harris is touring the country and focusing primarily on abortion, as the anniversary of the overturning of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision is both celebrated and used to raise fear by the left. She will be speaking to voters about “reproductive rights” as well as climate change, gun control, and race-related topics like inclusivity.

If not Harris, the question for many is, who else will be going out to raise the profile of the Biden administration? The first name that comes to mind is “Obama,” either the former president or his wife, Michelle. Both are expected to make appearances but are likely to be highly selective about where and to whom they speak.

Other Biden boosters might include Democrat governors. First up would probably be California governor Gavin Newsom, but a potential issue with Newsom is the perception that he is raising his own profile for a potential presidential run. After Newsom, other likely surrogates could include Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois’ JB Pritzker, Kentucky’s Andy Beshear, and Maryland’s Wes Moore.

As Harris hits the stump, she does so with an even lower approval rating that Joe Biden; she sits at roughly 35% voter approval. Joe Biden gave his first official re-election campaign speech near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania last week. During the speech, he insulted Donald Trump and his supporters. If that speech was any indication, it seems Biden and Harris will run less on their successes and more on assailing Trump.

Michael Stratton, a longtime Democrat strategist, says he’s not worried. He says the bench is deep and many of the rising Democrat governors are stars and will sway voters to support the current administration. He says “despite” what he views as a negative media, the party will stand firmly united behind Biden and Harris. He believes the governors and others will hit the swing states and provide strength for the re-election campaign.

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