Kamala Harris Is Now the A.I. Czar

(Daily360.com) – Kamala Harris has a new area to be the czar over. The once ‘border czar’ will now tackle Artificial Intelligence (AI). Harris was made ‘border czar’ by Joe Biden early in 2021, at which time Harris admitted the work will “not be easy” but she was up to the task to do this “important” work. Biden said regarding the border she speaks for him absolutely. Harris never went to the problem areas of the border instead she made a few trips to Central America for some photos and stated the real issue is within these countries and helping them financially would help the U.S. border more so than strengthening the border itself.

Despite the half hearted statement of czar Harris for migrants “not to come” they continued to come. They’ve come in record numbers throughout the short tenure of the Biden-Harris administration. In early spring of 2022 all references to the border disappeared from Harris’ schedule altogether. When questioned, her press secretary claimed Harris was still engaged with the issue. Despite this assurance the United States is expecting an additional 700,000 to one million migrants to rush the border as soon as Title 42 is lifted this month. 

One could view Harris’ tenure as border czar as a complete and total failure. However, Joe Biden would not be counted among that group. The administration now considers AI to be an emerging threat on many levels and are looking into the pitfalls of the technology potentially replacing humans altogether in most fields. To that end we now have an “AI Czar” and that person is Kamala Harris. The oft-chuckling vice president met with the CEO’s of four companies at the forefront of the technology to talk about how the AI threat can be reduced. The administration is planning to launch a total of 25 AI institutes across the nation to initiate a rolling evaluation of big tech and its AI advances.

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