Kamala’s “Fight House”, Secret Service Agents Brawl With One Another With Gun Forcibly Removed

(Daily360.com) A Secret Service agent was suspended following a physical altercation with other officers he was serving with to protect VP Kamala Harris. The name of the suspended agent hasn’t been disclosed. The individual was acting aggressively when his supervisor attempted to de-escalate the agent’s anger. The now suspended agent took down the supervisor and started hitting him.

The agent was armed at the time, but he never removed his gun from the holder. Other agents that were present at the time were able to take the firearm away from the aggressive officer. The Secret Service Communications Chief made an official statement that the officer was removed for a “medical matter” and that no more details will be provided regarding the officer or the incident.

At the time of the incident, VP Harris was inside her residence. There were no changes to the Vice President’s schedule as a result of the officer’s aggression and suspension. Colleagues to the agent have previously seen or heard about “strange behavior” from the officer in question. As part of the security detail for the Vice President, only the best and most qualified agents get assigned to that position. Individuals within the Secret Service wondered whether the agent was able to retain his position because of DEI initiatives.

In addition to the aggressive behavior, the agent was also talking nonsensical gibberish and was incomprehensible moments before the violent behavior ensued. The officer was taken to a medical facility for observation. It was disclosed that he is not being reprimanded for bad behavior, but this is being treated as a mental health issue.

While the official representative for the Secret Service has said no other details will be provided regarding the incident, it is unknown whether the agent will be given the opportunity to resume work as a Secret Service agent. Following the incident, the Vice President went to New York to be a guest on the Drew Barrymore show.

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