Killer Nurse Faces Long-Term Suicide Watch in Prison

( – Lucy Letby is a former neonatal nurse who worked in Northern England and killed multiple babies in that hospital. Letby was recently convicted of killing seven babies under her watch and attempting to kill six others. 

The judge presiding over the trial called her ‘cunning, callous and cruel,’ he added that Letby’s acts were that of “malevolence bordering on sadism.” Letby was present to hear the judge as she refused to leave her cell for sentencing and likewise remained there as the families of the babies she murdered gave their statements and described their anguish before the judge.   

Letby will remain in prison for the rest of her natural life with no chance of release. Due to the severity of the sentence, Letby will now be on suicide watch for a to-be-determined period of time. Officials will also determine the best method to take; often the inmate will be looked in on every five to 15 minutes. Even with this monitoring, it can be hard to prevent a suicide, as a hanging death can happen quickly and in-between guard monitoring checks. 

Prison officials say this is standard procedure when receiving inmates who have received life sentences because often when confronted with what lay ahead many people decide suicide would be preferable. Letby will also be watched as a potential target of other inmates who may be looking to initiate vigilante justice. The nature of Letby’s crimes would make her a prime target of other inmates, officials say. 

The possible motive for why Letby committed such heinous acts is still unknown; she has not said and still maintains her innocence. Back n 2017 concerned doctors sounded the alarm to hospital administration only to have their concerns rebuffed and then compounded when hospital officials insisted the doctors write Letby an apology letter. Eventually, the doctors were able to reach out to police who took the matter seriously. The doctors have opined that Letby’s fellow nurses adamantly defended her and administrators could not fathom someone committing acts like this within the hospital.   

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