Lankford’s Border Proposal Benefits Biden

( – Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford appears to be drafting a new immigration bill that would delight the Biden administration. Lankford has not released any of the text from the deal he’s working on but leaks show what most GOP voters see as a complete surrender on the issue. Lankford began negotiating the deal at the behest of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) several weeks ago.

As it’s being reported, the Lankford plan would allow for an astonishing number of illegal aliens to enter the country per day. The deal would only have a restrictive “trigger” after 8,500 illegals enter on a single day or 5,000 illegals enter for seven consecutive days. Should this become law it would override existing laws that have much lower levels and leeway for illegal aliens. Critics also point out that if the Congress passes this framework into law and should Donald Trump become president he’d likely be powerless to stop mass migration. If he were to deem any numbers below these triggers as an emergency and try and close the borders the courts could rule that law dictates the higher thresholds.

Joe Biden has said he supports the legislation Lankford is working on and would immediately sign it into law. Donald Trump, who is the likely 2024 GOP presidential nominee, has slammed the deal and said that having no deal prior to the election is better than having a terrible deal. The Lankford proposition is also said to include protections for the “parole system” that the Biden administration has been using to sidestep immigration law and admit hundreds of thousands of aliens into the country.

Critics also accuse the GOP senator of destroying the framework of the HR 2 bill that was passed in the House but was never taken up in the Senate. Lankford spoke publicly on Sunday the 28th of January trying to defend his work and said it has been mischaracterized but he did not offer to release the text. As a result of what is perceived as his betraying his constituents, the Oklahoma GOP approved a resolution to censure Lankford over the border deal.

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