Look at Obama’s Most Ridiculous Assertion

(Daily360.com) – As the Congress continues to have internal skirmishes over foreign aid packages something Barrack Obama once said and believed has come back into focus. The issue of the U.S. border and foreign aid packages being tied together or split apart drag on, factions within both the Senate and the House have taken positions for or against the spending that has lead to a stalemate. As each group tries to gain the upper hand in the information war, foreign aid supporter Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) who chairs the House Intelligence Committee made big waves when he tweeted about a grave national security threat posed by Russia.

The media and other entities went wild speculating what this might be, prompting Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) to issue a statement trying to deescalate what Turner had set in motion. Turner recently made a trip to Ukraine in support of sending more aid despite the objections of other representatives from his party. What Turner was referring to in his tweet is a series of space-capable weapons that may have been developed by Russia and could be used against the West.

The thought of Russia potentially having space-based nuclear weapons has lawmakers in a state of panic and pointing fingers as to how this could have snuck up on the country. Barrack Obama famously said during his presidency “I will NOT weaponize space” despite what other nations may be doing. Obama was also famous for dismissing Mitt Romney’s concerns over potential Russian aggression, calling such a notion, a relic of the past and specifically the 1980’s. The media was very supportive of Obama’s jab after the presidential debate with Romney.

When Donald Trump succeeded Obama as president he created a new military branch called “Space Force” to contend with what he felt was an opening and territory being seized by American opponents. For his efforts the media derided Trump over his belief that Space Force was a necessity. A comedic television series called “Space Force” starring Steve Carell was released in 2020 mocking the new armed service branch as well. Now, in 2024 it seems Russia is the primary fear among the people who had been mocking such a notion just a few years ago.

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